The Benefits of Buffalo Treats and Chews

Why are Buffalo Horn Chews and Buffalo Treats So Good for Dogs?

If you're looking for a healthy, natural alternative to traditional dog chews and treats, you should definitely consider Buffalo horn chews and Buffalo meat treats. Buffalo meat is one of our increasingly popular novel protein sources with some excellent benefits for our canine companions.



What is a Novel Protein?

A novel protein is any meat protein that is new or unfamiliar to a dog's diet. The most common proteins found in commercial dog foods are things like chicken, beef, lamb and fish. Over time, dogs can develop allergies or intolerances to these common ingredients. Introducing a novel protein like Buffalo meat can help to alleviate these issues and provide much-needed dietary variety.

Why is Buffalo Meat Hypoallergenic?

Buffalo meat is considered a highly hypoallergenic protein source for dogs. This means it is less likely to trigger allergic reactions or food sensitivities compared to more common proteins. There are a few key reasons for this:

  1. Buffalo meat is relatively uncommon in commercial dog foods, so dogs haven't been overexposed to it.
  2. The protein makeup and molecular structure of Buffalo meat differs from other common meats, meaning fewer allergic antibodies are likely to react to it.
  3. Buffalo is low in purines which can sometimes contribute to inflammation issues in dogs.

The hypoallergenic nature of Buffalo makes it an excellent alternative for dogs with known food allergies or intolerances. It can provide much-needed relief from itchy skin, digestion problems and other allergy symptoms.



 Benefits of Buffalo Meat for Dogs

Beyond being hypoallergenic, Buffalo meat offers some great nutritional benefits for dogs:

  • It is a lean, high-quality protein source to support strong muscles
  • It is rich in essential amino acids to aid metabolism and cell repair
  • It contains high levels of iron, zinc and B vitamins for energy and healthy blood
  • It is lower in saturated fats and cholesterol than many other red meats

So Buffalo treats can be both tasty and highly nutritious for your pup! The leaner red meat is easy to digest and packed with natural nutrients. Yay!

 Buffalo Horn Chews for Enrichment

Buffalo Horn Chews are an excellent natural option for long-lasting chews that support dental health and provide mental enrichment. Low in odour and available in a range of three different sizes, Green and Wild's Buffalo Horn Chews are only made from premium quality horns. They are all responsibly sourced and simply hand-graded, washed and sanded in the process of crafting a 100% natural chew for your dog.



 Here are some of the top benefits of our Buffalo Horn Chews:

  • They are 100% natural and free from any chemicals, preservatives or artificial additives
  • The hardness helps control plaque and tartar buildup through abrasive chewing action
  • Chewing is a natural stress-relieving behaviour for dogs, making these ideal boredom busters
  • Horn chews are incredibly long-lasting compared to many other natural chew treats
  • They help satisfy a dog's instinctual urge to gnaw and chew for mental stimulation

Chewing is an intrinsic need for most dogs that provides enrichment and helps prevent destructive chewing behaviours around the home. Buffalo horn chews are a safe, durable option to keep your dog occupied and engaged.



If you are interested in knowing why enrichment feeding and activities are so important for puppies and dogs, you can read a great guide provided by Dog's Trust here


Buffalo Hide Chews for Puppies and Seniors

Buffalo chews and treats are suitable for dogs of all life stages. Our hugely popular Puppy Chew - Its have our 100% One Ingredient Award which means they are made solely from 100% Buffalo Hide and nothing else!  These chews were developed with puppies (and senior dogs) in mind. However, don't let their name (or their smell)  put you off, as feedback from customers has proved they are suitable as a treat or high-value reward for dogs of all ages and are loved by dogs all across the land!



Here are some of their key benefits:

For puppies:

  • The soft texture makes them gentle on puppy teeth and easy to digest
  • Chewing helps soothe teething pain and redirect nipping behaviours
  • They provide mental enrichment to support training and good habits

For seniors:

  • Lower in saturated fat and easier to digest than many tough chew treats
  • The softer texture is gentler on ageing teeth and gums
  • Chewing helps keep jaws strong and teeth clean as dogs get older

No matter your dog's age or size, Puppy Chew-Its can make a tasty, wholesome, alternative to less natural chew options. 


Buffalo Mini Bites - an ideal aid for training or a high-value reward!

In addition to our Buffalo-based chews, Buffalo meat can also be found in treat form, to use as tasty rewards. Our Buffalo Mini Bites make convenient, healthy rewards that dogs go crazy for during training sessions. The smell and unique flavour help to keep your dog engaged and focused.

Some of their benefits include:

  •  A novel, aromatic protein that most dogs find highly palatable
  •  Made from a single ingredient with no fillers or junk!
  • They are low in calories compared to many biscuit-style training treats
  • Small, bite-size pieces which are handy for training sessions
  • No grain, gluten, lactose, sweeteners, colours or preservatives.




Buffalo is Best!

In summary, Buffalo Horns, Chews and Treats can make an excellent addition to your dog's diet and enrichment routine. The novel protein source is hypoallergenic, highly nutritious and provides long-lasting mental stimulation through natural chewing behaviours. If you would like to try healthy, natural dog chews, Buffalo products are seriously worth considering!