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Ox Liver Dog Treats

Ox Liver Treats, 100% Ox Liver
Our tasty little liver treats are small pieces of naturally air-dried 100% Ox liver. High in nutrient-rich organ meat that most dogs really love, liver is also a good source of copper, iron, niacin, phosphorus and zinc.  Our Ox liver Deli bites are also a great source of omega-6 fatty acid.  This helps your dog develop a shiny coat and provides a barrier to lock in skin moisture.  They are gluten free and have a tremendous source of vitamins A and B.  Suitable for dogs with food intolerances too.

Ingredients: 100% pure Ox Liver

Analytical Composition:
Protein: 50.6%, Oils & Fats:8.9%; Fibre:6.9%; Inorganic matter; 3.8%

The perfect complimentary treat for your dog, no more than 5 treats per day. Always make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water.

Here at Green & Wild's we are all about natural, healthy and honest stuff for pets.
We love our pets and their tummies too, so we only use the best ingredients that are gentle and caring.

Many use the word "natural", but not many really believe or follow in the values behind that word......but we do.

There's no magic needed, just real and proper ingredients, made by people who care.

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