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3 happy customers

We recently received a really nice email from a happy customer who has been feeding her cats some of our lovely treats. We wanted to share this review with you and we invite anyone with similar stories to please share with us. Who knows, we might feature your compliments next time 🙂


Hello, my name is Charlie Brunton & I would just like to pass on my compliments regarding your cat treats.

I have three cats; Lola, Chizzy & Penelope, & I have recently started buying your treats. I had previously been guilty of buying whichever treats were on a special offer in the supermarket but having now seen the difference in quality and your brand ethics, I wouldn’t go back!

The cats go wild for the Ox Liver deli bites but the Tiddlers are definitely firm favourite! I’ve had to start storing them in the cupboard as I came downstairs one morning to find that they’d scratched and chewed a pouch open and eaten the lot! I feel so much better knowing that I can still give them the treats they love (and expect!) whilst keeping them healthy & safe from anything that could upset their little tummies! The only negative I have is that they make our Bengal fart like a trooper, I’ve never known anything like it haha! Better out than in, she says!

So thank you for caring about our pets and their bellies, & the kitties say thank you for making purrrrfect sweeties!



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